Employees donate for Kinderkrebshilfe Weseke

In this difficult year 2020, the employees of the Meier Group again took their social responsibility seriously and actively participated in the annual donation project. The final amount collected by the employees was then topped up: for every euro donated, the Meier family added another euro and doubled the donation amount. In the end, a considerable sum of 3,000 euros was collected.

The donation will be used to support the Kinderkrebshilfe Weseke. This association has made it its fundamental task to financially support projects that improve the chances of healing and the quality of life of children with cancer and the care of terminally ill children and young people.

“We are very grateful that our employees support our fundraising campaign every year. Through their efforts, we are once again able to make a small contribution to supporting local aid organizations this year,” said the two initiators of the fundraising campaign, Michaela and Carsten Meier.

It goes without saying that the employees of the Meier Group will be busy donating again this year.